1950s Forbidden Love Series pt.2

January 13, 2017  •  5 Comments

1950s Forbidden Love Series pt.2

The 1950s Forbidden Love Series This concept is one that is very close to my heart; I've always been in love with the sheer beauty of 50s. For many months I've been drawing this concept out in my mind, so finally the time came for it to be brought to life. First I went on a mad hunt for the perfect characters to epitomize these roles. Since durning this time period interracial couples were quite rare compared to today, I wanted to show that stark contrast. After a couple months of searching I came across two very beautiful creatives, Christin Mullens and Eric Mouton; not only were they some of the kindest individuals ever but their styles and spirit embodied the right amount of class and ingenuity I was looking for. Prior to this series they had never met, but on set instantly these two had chemistry that was unparalleled. After the models were pinned down I went around to find vendors who not only had extreme talent but could also connect to this slightly unconventional but classic concept. All the vendors who jumped on board not only fell in love with the concept as much as I, but they also put their all in bringing to the table their own unique twist. Their creativity and input really topped everything off. Words cannot explain how much I appreciate their contributions. Although the shoot was delayed a couple times due to unexpected events in weather, when the time came everything fell into place beautifully. What I learned from this shoot is not to dismiss creative intuition. With proper planning a simple thought can develop into a something so real. When I started my photography business going on 3 years ago shoots like this seemed so out of my reach, but that's one of the things I love the most about photography; it's such a visual way to see personal progression. I hope you enjoy these images. 50'sLove-150'sLove-1 50'sLove-250'sLove-2 50'sLove-350'sLove-3 50'sLove-450'sLove-4 50'sLove-550'sLove-5 50'sLove-650'sLove-6 50'sLove-750'sLove-7 50'sLove-850'sLove-8 50'sLove-950'sLove-9 50'sLove-1050'sLove-10 50'sLove-1150'sLove-11 50'sLove-1250'sLove-12 50'sLove-1350'sLove-13 50'sLove-1450'sLove-14 50'sLove-1550'sLove-15 50'sLove-1650'sLove-16 50'sLove-1750'sLove-17 50'sLove-1850'sLove-18 50'sLove-1950'sLove-19 50'sLove-2050'sLove-20 50'sLove-2150'sLove-21 50'sLove-2250'sLove-22 50'sLove-2350'sLove-23 50'sLove-2450'sLove-24 50'sLove-2550'sLove-25 50'sLove-2650'sLove-26 50'sLove-2750'sLove-27 50'sLove-2850'sLove-28 50'sLove-2950'sLove-29 50'sLove-3050'sLove-30 50'sLove-3150'sLove-31 50'sLove-3250'sLove-32 50'sLove-3350'sLove-33 50'sLove-3450'sLove-34 50'sLove-3550'sLove-35 50'sLove-3650'sLove-36 50'sLove-3750'sLove-37 50'sLove-3850'sLove-38 50'sLove-3950'sLove-39 50'sLove-4050'sLove-40 50'sLove-4150'sLove-41 50'sLove-4250'sLove-42 50'sLove-4350'sLove-43 50'sLove-4450'sLove-44 50'sLove-4550'sLove-45 50'sLove-4650'sLove-46 50'sLove-4850'sLove-48 50'sLove-4950'sLove-49 50'sLove-5450'sLove-54 50'sLove-5050'sLove-50 50'sLove-5150'sLove-51 50'sLove-5250'sLove-52 50'sLove-5350'sLove-53 50'sLove-5650'sLove-56 50'sLove-5750'sLove-57 50'sLove-5850'sLove-58 50'sLove-5950'sLove-59 50'sLove-6050'sLove-60 50'sLove-6150'sLove-61 50'sLove-6250'sLove-62 50'sLove-6350'sLove-63 50'sLove-6450'sLove-64 50'sLove-6550'sLove-65 50'sLove-6650'sLove-66 50'sLove-6750'sLove-67 50'sLove-6850'sLove-68 50'sLove-6950'sLove-69 50'sLove-7050'sLove-70 50'sLove-7150'sLove-71 50'sLove-7250'sLove-72 50'sLove-7350'sLove-73 50'sLove-7450'sLove-74 50'sLove-7550'sLove-75 50'sLove-7650'sLove-76 50'sLove-7750'sLove-77 50'sLove-7850'sLove-78 50'sLove-7950'sLove-79 50'sLove-8050'sLove-80 50'sLove-8150'sLove-81 50'sLove-8250'sLove-82 50'sLove-8350'sLove-83 50'sLove-8450'sLove-84 50'sLove-8550'sLove-85 50'sLove-8650'sLove-86 50'sLove-8750'sLove-87 50'sLove-8850'sLove-88 50'sLove-8950'sLove-89 50'sLove-9050'sLove-90 50'sLove-9150'sLove-91 50'sLove-9250'sLove-92 50'sLove-9350'sLove-93 50'sLove-9450'sLove-94 50'sLove-9550'sLove-95 50'sLove-9650'sLove-96 50'sLove-9750'sLove-97 50'sLove-9850'sLove-98 50'sLove-9950'sLove-99 50'sLove-10050'sLove-100 50'sLove-10150'sLove-101 50'sLove-10250'sLove-102 50'sLove-10350'sLove-103 50'sLove-10450'sLove-104 50'sLove-10550'sLove-105 50'sLove-10650'sLove-106 50'sLove-10750'sLove-107 50'sLove-10850'sLove-108 50'sLove-10950'sLove-109 50'sLove-11050'sLove-110 50'sLove-11150'sLove-111 50'sLove-11250'sLove-112 50'sLove-11350'sLove-113 50'sLove-11450'sLove-114 50'sLove-11550'sLove-115 50'sLove-11650'sLove-116 50'sLove-11750'sLove-117 50'sLove-11850'sLove-118 50'sLove-11950'sLove-119 50'sLove-12050'sLove-120 50'sLove-12150'sLove-121 50'sLove-12250'sLove-122 50'sLove-12350'sLove-123 50'sLove-12450'sLove-124 50'sLove-12550'sLove-125 50'sLove-12650'sLove-126 50'sLove-12850'sLove-128 50'sLove-12950'sLove-129 50'sLove-13050'sLove-130 50'sLove-13150'sLove-131 50'sLove-13250'sLove-132 50'sLove-13450'sLove-134 50'sLove-13550'sLove-135

IMG_2492 2IMG_2492 2


Veil | Swift Vintage  

Furniture | Providence

Groom | Eric Mouton

 Bride | Christin Mullens

Furniture Setup Design | Zach Woodiel

Calligraphy | Candace Morales

Wedding Dress | Cheap Thrills NWA

Cake | For Goodness Cakes by Ladonna

Floral Design | Clarksville Florist

Accessories | Orbiting Debris

Eye Wear | Uptown Eyes NWA

Concept/Styling | Myranda Grulke

Photography | Myranda Randle Photography

Make Up Artist: Haley Hanna


David Henry(non-registered)
All images are really so beautiful.Love your photography skill.Keep uploading more.
It's really nice post...
Clipping Path Service provider(non-registered)
Amazing! I love your pictures, and what a wonderful photography oh my word!!
Love your filters as well!!
Fatimah Sawdah Srour(non-registered)
Beautiful couple photographs looking gorgeous . Thanks for shared this here .
I love the angles you caught the pictures. Your ideas are beautiful! Love love love the florals!
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