Myranda Randle Photography | 1950s Forbidden Love pt 1

1950s Forbidden Love pt 1

November 29, 2016  •  4 Comments

1950s Forbidden Love pt 1

This styled engagement shoot is part one of a two part series I'm doing inspired of the 1950s. I've always been a huge of this time period, and finally I found the perfect group of creatives to help bring it to life.
Although it rained, and baby when I say rained it poured on us, as soon as we began shooting, the soft light and moods on this stormy day made us all fall in love. 

Back in the 50s it was uncommon to see biracial couples. In this series, though it is inspired of the 50s, I wanted to give it a modern twist. One showing the contrast and beauty of interracial relationships today as well as providing style inspiration for ones planning their upcoming wedding. 

Would you like to know a little about the location? We set the stage for this shoot at the Hotel Pines in Pine Bluff AR (my hometown). This hotel was very grand in it's prime, but sad to say it closed it's door back in 1968. Although no longer in operation this hotel set the stage perfectly for this shoot.

I'm so thankful to have had the opportunity to bring so many sweet vendors in for this collaboration. This is just a taste of what's to come on the wedding day, which will include a full contribution from everyone who welcomed their time and creativity to bringing this series of shoots to life.


MLR_5579-2MLR_5579-2 MLR_5584-3MLR_5584-3 MLR_5596-4MLR_5596-4 MLR_5610-5MLR_5610-5 MLR_5621-6MLR_5621-6 MLR_5628-7MLR_5628-7 MLR_5641-8MLR_5641-8 MLR_5657-9MLR_5657-9 MLR_5706-10MLR_5706-10 MLR_5740-11MLR_5740-11 MLR_5745-12MLR_5745-12 MLR_5755-13MLR_5755-13 MLR_5812-14MLR_5812-14 MLR_5817-15MLR_5817-15 MLR_5848-16MLR_5848-16 MLR_5850-17MLR_5850-17 MLR_5851-18MLR_5851-18 MLR_5997-19MLR_5997-19 MLR_6009-20MLR_6009-20 MLR_6053-21MLR_6053-21 MLR_6060-22MLR_6060-22 MLR_6066-23MLR_6066-23 MLR_6102-24MLR_6102-24 MLR_6106-25MLR_6106-25 MLR_6136-26MLR_6136-26 MLR_6228-27MLR_6228-27 MLR_6232-28MLR_6232-28 MLR_6239-29MLR_6239-29 MLR_6246-30MLR_6246-30 MLR_6300-31MLR_6300-31 MLR_6302-32MLR_6302-32 MLR_6327-33MLR_6327-33 MLR_6329-34MLR_6329-34 MLR_6357-35MLR_6357-35 MLR_6366-36MLR_6366-36 MLR_6375-37MLR_6375-37 MLR_6435-38MLR_6435-38 MLR_6451-39MLR_6451-39 MLR_6494-40MLR_6494-40 MLR_6499-41MLR_6499-41 MLR_6506-42MLR_6506-42 MLR_6513-43MLR_6513-43 MLR_6525-44MLR_6525-44 MLR_6534-45MLR_6534-45 MLR_6537-46MLR_6537-46 MLR_6621-47MLR_6621-47 MLR_6645-48MLR_6645-48 MLR_6681-49MLR_6681-49 MLR_6690-50MLR_6690-50 MLR_6691-51MLR_6691-51 MLR_6715-52MLR_6715-52 MLR_6718-53MLR_6718-53 MLR_6771-54MLR_6771-54 MLR_6780-55MLR_6780-55 MLR_6786-56MLR_6786-56 MLR_6817-57MLR_6817-57 MLR_6823-58MLR_6823-58 MLR_6844-59MLR_6844-59 MLR_6846-60MLR_6846-60 MLR_6868-61MLR_6868-61 MLR_6879-62MLR_6879-62 MLR_6904-63MLR_6904-63 MLR_6912-64MLR_6912-64 MLR_6933-65MLR_6933-65 MLR_6949-66MLR_6949-66 MLR_6960-67MLR_6960-67 MLR_6975-68MLR_6975-68 MLR_7069-69MLR_7069-69 MLR_7099-70MLR_7099-70 MLR_7100-71MLR_7100-71 MLR_7106-72MLR_7106-72 MLR_7131-73MLR_7131-73 MLR_7158-74MLR_7158-74 MLR_7187-75MLR_7187-75 MLR_7198-76MLR_7198-76 MLR_7206-77MLR_7206-77 MLR_7213-78MLR_7213-78 MLR_7247-79MLR_7247-79 MLR_7274-80MLR_7274-80 MLR_7301-81MLR_7301-81 MLR_7311-82MLR_7311-82 MLR_7318-83MLR_7318-83 MLR_7335-84MLR_7335-84 MLR_7346-85MLR_7346-85 MLR_7370-86MLR_7370-86 MLR_7399-87MLR_7399-87 MLR_7401-88MLR_7401-88 MLR_7406-89MLR_7406-89 MLR_7407-90MLR_7407-90 MLR_7408-91MLR_7408-91 MLR_7409-92MLR_7409-92 MLR_7424-93MLR_7424-93 MLR_7437-94MLR_7437-94 MLR_7444-95MLR_7444-95 MLR_7486-96MLR_7486-96 MLR_7509-97MLR_7509-97 MLR_7518-98MLR_7518-98 MLR_7528-99MLR_7528-99


Robert Smith(non-registered)
Fantastic photographs. Every shot was just perfect. Really enjoyed your photography.
Ghost Mannequin(non-registered)
very effective post for photographer ..............................................unique photography ideas
Su'da Mas'udah Tahan(non-registered)
Wonderful post and your photographs and article both are awesome .
The smoke was a cool
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